Everyone wants to have a 'Great Dog'.  A 'great dog' is well-behaved, well-mannered and obedient. That result takes training and a confident owner knowing how to help their dog succeed in its life.

The obedience training journey results in the owner/dog forming a new team relationship. Whatever the owner wants to do with their dog is now possible...because of the obedience training.

You are now the proud owner of ‘that Great Dog’. 

-Roxanne Lee, Trainer/Teacher/Instructor/Coach

FFW Course:

Foundation Field Work - for ANY breed. Learn how to exercise your dog doing field drills. Exciting for the dog and its owner!

Continuing Education Group Class: 

A blast of a class, help for anything, group training, the more the merrier. Different locations each week.


  • Want to confidently have your dog off-leash in woods, water, or anywhere and know they will come IMMEDIATELY when called (or whistled in?)
  • Want to stop your dog, IMMEDIATELY, on a whistle Sit? Optional Course. 

Obedience Training For Dogs

Want To Chat About Your Dog With A Dog Training Professional?

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The MANNERLY PUPPY Course (on-line):

  • Want help picking a breed, a breeder, or a specific puppy from a litter?
  • OR got a puppy and need help at home?
  • Course is available 24-7, no specific start date.
  • ONLY $ 175 to have a real trainer help you train your puppy.

THIS course covers ALL the puppy learning needed from 7 weeks old thru 20 weeks. Great training for ANY breed, any size.


  • Want a reliable, everyday on - command retrieve on your dog?
  • Want your dog to carry things for you, on - command?
  • Need your dog to have a 'job to do' to keep its mouth occupied?
  • Desire help with practical retrieve jobs like carrying the trash, your keys, dog food bowl, etc?
  • Need training that results in a well-mannered, well-behaved & obedient dog?
  • Want to walk your dog on a loose leash?
  • Want a dog that comes when called?
  • That remains in one place until commanded otherwise?
  • Want to enjoy life with your dog and relax knowing you have learned how to communicate fairly with your dog?

The FOUNDATION COURSE—Loose Leash Walking

Titling a Dog Course: 

How to enter, succeed and have your dog earn ACK obedience/rally titles. Beginner Novice thru UDX & beyond. Rally exercises taught also. Fun!


I do the work so you can go hunting with a great dog.