​Small, group classes held in various locations, including field trips. This Course is for ANY student that has graduated from the FOUNDATIONAL COURSE - Loose Leash Walking.  Often students come to hone their skills, address a specific issue/concern, or do a practice run thru whether that be AKC CGC, a BN, Novice, Open, Utility or Rally.  Whatever the student needs help with, Instructor is there to work with each individual and their dog at their level.

Some group classes are pre-arranged field trips such as trips to farms, field training days, participating in obedience and conformation matches and/or events.

This is an on-going Class, contact Instructor to find out where/when to meet. 

BE A DEMO TEAM: For GRADUATES of the FOUNDATION COURSE.  Graduates/their dog participate & demo pieces of weekly lessons to new students.  GREATLY enhances students’ mechanics and skill sets. GREATLY strengthens their dogs understanding of mechanics while being the Demo Dog emotionally & mentally matures the dog.  Fabulous way to grow into a stronger team. 

A dog’s world is not our world, but they live in our world.  We need to fairly communicate with them what we want them to do.  

Great Dog Training*

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Foundation Field Work.  Take your FOUNDATION COURSE -Loose Leash Walking, Retrieve and Tech Savvy Courses graduated dog - to the next level—the world of field training.  Dogs introduced to basic field skills including single marks, Go-Out command, fetching to the pile, fetching to two piles, working through pressure, maintaining physical control until sent to retrieve (line manners) and multiple drills to teach your dog confidence while doing field drills. THIS COURSE IS FOR ANY OWNER WANTING TO EXERCISE THEIR DOG DOING FIELD DRILLS. NOT just for retriever breeds, any dog can learn these mechanics. Fun for owner. Grand fun for the dog. 

Twelve weeks. 

How to do that?

I teach you how to communicate with your dog a language where the dog learns to ‘read your body language’ and to pay attention—without a spoken word. 

What is the best way?

A dog’s world is based on body language, where stance, position, finesse, nuances and eye contact all mean something. Our human world is based on verbal language.  To teach a dog our verbal language, first you must communicate in the dog’s own language. 


​Teach your dog the Practical, Everyday Retrieve.

You want your dog to retrieve, anything, on–command? This is the Course for you.  A perfect Course for the winter, lousy weather & being housebound.  No weekly EXAMS, advancement based on owner/dog’s skills as they learn.  This Course produces a dog that can retrieve on command, anything, as well as hold anything.  Twelve weeks of training, less than 20 minutes a day,

6 days a week.

*The FOUNDATION COURSE - Loose Leash Walking is listed at the bottom of this page in a green box as it IS the main building block of all the Courses offered, it IS the MOST important Course, the FOUNDATION COURSE. The next Course(s) are the building blocks and so on and so forth. All students with dogs 6 months or older (unless a graduate of The Mannerly Puppy) begin with The FOUNDATION COURSE - Loose Leash Walking and advance to a new Course once they have graduated.

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Why do this?

So your dog can understand what you want them to do, in their language until it is time to add the spoken command to name what the dog has already learned how to do.  THIS is the first lesson, the foundational lesson, where your dog learns to pay attention to you, to your feet, without a word, and to remain close to you.  THIS is the 1st building block, of many blocks, where your dog ‘learns how to learn’ as you ‘learn how to communicate’. THIS new language of communication creates a new relationship between owner and dog—a language where both owner AND dog succeed together.


Electronic Collar Course.​

Want to run your dog off-leash in the woods, water, wherever and KNOW your dog will return when whistled to do so? No matter what? Want your dog to Sit, anywhere at any time, on a whistle? No matter what? Want to send your dog to a specific Place, from a distance & on-command? This is the course for you.  THIS IS AN OPTIONAL COURSE for those desiring the benefits of ecollar training/conditioning. Perfect for any dog. An exceptional foundation training for any field dog.

Six lessons. 

The FOUNDATION COURSE - Loose Leash Heeling & Off Leash Heeling 

Eleven weeks of training, approximately an hour+ a day, 6 days a week. Each week, spend 90 minutes with Instructor, for next Lesson. On-line training videos and nearly instant access to Instructor are included as part of Course. 

EXAMS are required to advance to the next weeks’ Lesson​


​How to enter, succeed and have your dog earn AKC obedience/rally titles.  Learn how to set your dog up for ring success.  Learn advanced footwork, body mechanics, and finesse in your movements to help your dog succeed. Teach your dog to move with precision.  Learn AKC Rules’n’Regulations for obedience and rally. Rally exercises are part of this Course.  THIS IS A FUN COURSE. Whether you go into the ring to title your dog, or not, this Course greatly enhances teamwork, precision heeling (on and off leash), while having lots of fun. Very Rewarding. Really fun.

Ten weeks.