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Want To Chat About Your Dog With A Dog Training Professional?

Tech Savvy Course Testimonials (2)

Tech Savvy Course

1) 2016 Student: Monika
Dog: Drago
Dog Breed: German Shepherd

“Roxanne gives each one of her students and individual dogs her undivided attention.  She addresses question and problems as they arise.  She lays out a clear step by step training approach, layering information like building blocks, until the picture forms. A fabulous teacher!” 

2) Peanut Gallery Observer: Reina
Dog: co-owner of Phoebe, Great Pyrenees

“Roxanne’s style of teaching is no nonsense with high expectations. However, Roxanne is very patient and willing to repeat a lesson if needed or give you a break if needed. At times, we had our setbacks and she provided us with her own stories of struggles and how she worked through them. As long as you show up willing to learn, she will guide you to succeed.”