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Want To Chat About Your Dog With A Dog Training Professional?


How would you describe Roxanne's style of teaching?

“Tough as nails, says it like it is, demanding, flexible, focused which is the only way to be to train dogs along with the owners.”

– Harry, Student

“I can only say good things about Roxanne Lee both as a person and her skills handling dogs.”

- Dan Negola, DVM, DABVP (my vet, observer)

“Professional, relaxed, entertaining” – Keith/Peanut Gallery observer

“Roxanne gives each one of her students and individual dogs her undivided attention.  She addresses question and problems as they arise.  She lays out a clear step by step training approach, layering information like building blocks, until the picture forms. A fabulous teacher!”

– Monika/student”

“Professional, clear, detailed, easy to understand, approachable & encouraging helping even for the novice or experienced owner to succeed with their dog.”
– Wendy/student

​“Result driven, knowledgeable, and professional.” 
– Justin (Peanut Gallery Observer) owner of Canine Rehab Associates (CRA) & Aiden (Peanut Gallery Observer) and technician at CRA

​​“I have never quite had an experience like this before, as I have no training experience and have never owned a dog. Upon walking into Roxanne’s training for the first time, I immediately noticed her firm, yet positive presence. During the training, I learned so much I cannot begin to write it all down here, but I can say that Roxanne explained things to me in a way that I could relate to and understand. She was engaging with all persons and animals present. I can't express enough how balanced the experience was. The affirming and optimistic coaching, paired with honest feedback and correction, was in perfect harmony. I left the experience knowing that if I ever decide to be a pet owner, I would confidently trust Roxanne to lead me down the path that fits me best.”
- 2015 Peanut Gallery Observer: Alexia