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PreTeen Stage from approx. 18 weeks—24 weeks *

Depending on the young dog itself, its progress, development, maturity and the owners’ diligence in following these Puppylife Courses, determines when formal obedience training begins. The FOUNDATION COURSE—Loose Leash Walking can begin as early as 16 weeks.

  • ​The Mannerly Puppy Course graduates are eligible to take The FOUNDATION COURSE—Loose Leash Walkingon-line and at a discount.

The Pre-Puppy Course

  • Decide why you want a puppy, how much time you have daily to invest into a puppy’s life?
  • What are your expectations of a puppy, and what are your expectations as your puppy grows into a teenaged dog, then into an adult dog?
  • Contact Roxanne and sign up for her “Yes, it’s time for a puppy, but how do I choose?” Course. This solidifies what breed, what breeder, what gender & temperament of puppy is right for your needs.
  • Roxanne helps you determine how far you are willing to travel to get puppy and evaluates how much you are willing to pay for what you want.
  • Roxanne travels and does temperament testing to determine which puppy within that litter is the right puppy for you (Volhard Puppy Aptitude Testing).

Puppylife @ 14-20 weeks *

  • Basic obedience commands of “Sit, Step, Place, Kennel, Touch, Phoohey, Move, Wait, Give, Stand, Down, Come” taught
  • Puppy has sufficient exercise via daily walks on check cord. Puppy has bonded with family.
  • Puppy has learned boundaries and how to be quiet
  • Field training: Whistle Recall, introduction to birds, single and double marked retrieves
  • Socialization is greatly expanded during this developmental stage of life
  • Your cute, willing puppy enters its pre-teen stage at approximately 16-18 weeks ceasing to be quite so cute or willing. Puppy can become opinionated, independent and ignore you. Puppylife is over and it is time for formal obedience lessons.

The benefits to starting formal obedience at 16-20 weeks old, versus starting at 24 week or older, are HUGE.  Why? Because all the foundation obedience exercises have been ‘roughed –in’ and imprinted, for life, into the dog’s memory banks. These puppy exercises, played as games, become the foundation for formal obedience making it 100% easier on owner and their dog to succeed once solid obedience training begins.

It is FAR easier to start a well-balanced and well-educated young dog, at 4-6 months old through The FOUNDATION COURSE—Loose Leash Walking, than to wait until the young dog enters its teenage years at 6 months or older.

Come join now. 

You’ll see instant rewards for you, your puppy and your family.

Life is better with a well-behaved and well-mannered puppy.


Puppylife @ 12-14 weeks

  • Simple, but important new commands, “ Stand, Down”
  • Walks on check cord- distance and time extended
  • Whistle Recall on check cord introduced
  • Boundaries using blankets as targets
  • Rules for puppy running with mature pack
  • More birds for hunting breeds
  • Single and double marked retrieves taught
  • Socialization exercise list expanded

Puppylife @ 10 –12 weeks 

  • Introducing puppy outside the home
  • Simple, but important new commands, “ Step, Stand, Move, Wait, Give”
  • “Sit” emphasized as foundation exercise for all other commands
  • Check cord introduced as puppy goes for walks
  • “Come-touch-Ok” Random Recall for puppy on check cord
  • Rules for puppy being with other dogs
  • More birds for hunting breeds
  • Single marked retrieves taught
  •  Socialization exercises introduced

“I just got a puppy, now what?” Course

  • Set up household for the puppy
  • Establish rules for family members. What? When? Who?
  • What is the best feeding, sleeping and training for a 7—10 week old puppy?
  • How to keep young puppy safe until immune system can handle life
  • Simple, but important commands, “Place, Kennel, Go Potty, Touch, Sit, Come, Phoohey”, etc.
  • Puppy games
  • How NOT to lose your mind (boundaries & stations in the home)
  • Equipment for training puppy
  • The “Quiet Time” exercise
  • Vet trips and travel in a vehicle
  • Introducing bird wings (for hunting)

Started Hunting Dog Program

Want a trained Hunting Dog, but no time to do the workload? Contact me for a great training option.

Mannerly Puppy Program*

*Available as an on-line Course

For puppies 8-10 weeks old and up to 3 months of age.

  • This Course helps you develop a great team relationship with your puppy.
  • This creates a great obedience foundation with your growing puppy.
  • This establishes your potential for further Foundation training to succeed in a fulfilling & rewarding lifelong experience.